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IGNORE_DUP_KEY = ONの一意のインデックスが必要なSQL Server 2012エンタープライズエディションのテーブルがありますが、このインデックス(および重複は無視)のみをテーブルのサブセットにのみ適用します-行のみFLAG = 1の場合. 2011/03/27 · ignore_dup_key is useful feature while you are having a unique index. In order to ensure the uniqueness of an index key and also guarantee your data insertion to be successful, you set the ignore_dup_key on. after you. sql server unique index 开启 ignore_dup_key 去除重复数据 原创 wangzhpwang 发布于2014-07-12 13:10:37 阅读数 1364 收藏.

SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Editionのテーブルを持っています。このテーブルの一意のインデックスを作成します。IGNORE_DUP_KEY = ONしかし、私はこのインデックスを(そして重複を無視して)テーブルのサブセットにのみ適用したいのです. 私はテーブルに2列の主キーを持っています。 私はこのコマンドでignore_dup_keyをonにするように変更しようとしました: ALTER INDEX PK_mypk on MyTable SET IGNORE_DUP_KEY = ON; しかし、私はこのエラーが発生します: Cannot. IGNORE_DUP_KEY and Clustered Indexes When IGNORE_DUP_KEY is specified for a unique clustered index primary key or otherwise, duplicates are handled by the storage engine rather than the query processor. For. 2015/12/21 · Help, I need to add IGNORE_DUP_KEY = ON to an existing table that has data – Learn more on the SQLServerCentral forums Help, I need to add IGNORE_DUP_KEY = ON to an existing table that has data – Learn more on the.

2008/01/30 · At this point, SQL Server could not simply issue a warning and discard the row as this would leave the clustered and non-clustered indexes inconsistent. Let's create a non-clustered index with the WITH IGNORE_DUP_KEY. 使用IGNORE_DUP_KEY选项来处理重复值。在创建或修改唯一索引或约束时,您可以将IGNORE_DUP_KEY选项设置为ON或OFF。当索引创建后,此选项指定对操作多行的INSERT语句中所出现的重复键值错误的响应方式。当. I basically have the same question posed here - Optimal way to ignore duplicate inserts? - except in my case it's SQL Server. I have a table that is a list of person IDs who are deceased. There are. I have a tmp table shown below. In the above table IGNORE_DUP_KEY is set to ON and the id column is the primary key. Said table has only one key. After inserting lots of data I will get th.

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